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Male Enhancement Supplements

Sexual performance is affected by multiple systems of the human body, and is not represented only by the erectile function of the penis.

Also, if the sexual performance is weak, libido is low as well, and the sexual satisfaction is seriously diminished. There are also psychological implications that are not to be neglected. The erectile response is a complex process which has implications from the brain, hormones in the blood, response of the central nervous system and the genital organs.

Thoughts, feelings and experiences allow the muscles of the genital system to relax, thus allowing the blood to flow more rapidly in that area (the cavernous bodies of the penis fill up with blood, the muscles contract and maintain the blood in that area, thus resulting in an erection)

A satisfying sexual life is almost always one of the main ingredients of a long and happy relationship.

But the quality of sex life is affected not only by age, but also by the agitated rhytm of everyday life that translates into unbalanced eating, sedentary lifestyle and stress.

Fortunately, we have a wealth of herbs and medicines to improve sexual life.

Nature helps us not only with plants with miraculous properties in terms of sexuality, but also with vitamin-rich foods that stimulate libido.

Hereinafter, I will present you the most effective plants, medicines, and Male Enhancement Supplements for improving your sex life. Products based on ginkgo biloba, ginseng, sweet-wood, mint and hail may be purchased from the pharmacy at affordable prices. Same as vitamins A, B, C, E, all extremely beneficial to sexual life.

Sexual performance amplifiers are used especially by men with erectile dysfunctions who wish to improve their partner’s sexual experience. There is a very wide array of products on the market. A thing men must understand is that their sexual problems must not condition their masculinity. If a man feels that his sexual problems are leading his life, he should get a specialists’ opinion so he can find out the type and cause of the erectile disfunction. While doctors and researchers are trying to find the perfect treatment to offer men the sexual experience they are looking for, they must take in consideration some factors like age and health state.

The most effective plants for improving sexual life

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba

This is a very effective remedy in circulatory disorders, enhancing blood circulation. The plant works by expanding the blood vessels in the genital area, thus stiulating local circulation. Consequently, the erection disorders being kept away.



This has long been associated with sexual vigor. In fact, ginseng is an adaptogenic plant with revitalizing action, recommended to all people lacking vitality. The plant improves both physical and intellectual performance, effectively fighting against fatigue, depression and stress. Furthermore, ginseng has steroid composition that maintans men’s sexual health, improving virility. It also favors the increase in sperm count, which leads to improved fertility

Sweet wood is considered a natural hormone, and treatment with this plant is recommended to men in order to remove physical weakness, and giving them vigor.

The paduchel is recognized as having a beneficial action on the heart. Like ginkgo biloba, the paduchel improves blood circulation, thus increasing blood flow to the genital area as well. As a result, the genital organs will be better irrigated and erectyle disfunction will disappear.

Other foods that improve sexual health are as follows:



(actually, almost all green vegetables come in here) brings significant improvements in blood circulation in the genital area?

Or did you know that peaches contain properties that increase the libido of women, relaxing them and helping them to feel better than usual?

And such examples can be given because each food plays a role in our lives – it is not in vain to say that you are what you it.

Strawberries are also very good in inducing a relaxing state and increasing appetite, and the fact that they are rich in vitamins and minerals also brings many other benefits to your health.

Also, in the category of foods that can stimulate sexual desire is chocolate (it stimulates the production of serotonin, which makes us happier and more relaxed), artichoke (has been used since ancient times as a powerful aphrodisiac), champagne or red wine (the latter also helps create a more romantic atmosphere that has psychological implications)

In addition to the sexually-improving medicines that your prescriber will tell you to take after a careful history and a series of specific tests, there are a number of dietary supplements designed to bring harmony to your sex life that can be administered without a prescription.

It’s a series of vitamins with beneficial effects on sexual resistance.

Vitamin E greatly improves blood circulation. High blood flow is very important for sexual endurance and libido. You can introduce natural sources of vitamin E such as nuts, kiwis, seeds, tomatoes and any type of vegetable oil into your diet or you can take a vitamin E dietary supplement.

Vitamin C combats the action of free radicals, which is among the first disruptive factors of sexual health. They reduce nitric acid levels which leads to a decreased potency. The main sources of vitamin C are kiwi, lemon, parsley. They maintain a high level of nitric acid, which allows maintaining the oxygen concentration in the blood, an important aspect when seeking to prolong and improve sexual intercourse.

The vitamin B complex favors the rise of sexual desire.

These are mainly viamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 and B12 that improve blood circulation. At the same time, they improve mood and stimulate the increase in energy levels or people lacking vitality. Vitamin B12 helps especially to improve sexual health. Vitamin A stimulates the production of sex hormones.

Deficiency in vitamin A results in decreased sex hormone production for both men and women.

The consequence of this phenomenon is the decrease of testicles, respectively the atrophy of the ovaries. The richest foods in vitamin A are apricots, sweet potatoes and mango.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

This is a plant that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and traditional Asian medicine for the traditional treatment of hormonal deficiencies in men and women (increases libido), but especially for the treatment of  male sexual dysfunction (early ejaculation) and infertility.

Also, several clinical trials conducted in different countries have shown that this plant has an effect in male impotence. All this is due to the active ingredient called protodioscin. A study of 2000 men and women who took tribulus concluded that 75{1673a13ceef47737e768115163571586bf79403c5569b704f96f06a4f29eade9} of participants had increased their physical strength, 80{1673a13ceef47737e768115163571586bf79403c5569b704f96f06a4f29eade9} increased libido and sexual performance and 95{1673a13ceef47737e768115163571586bf79403c5569b704f96f06a4f29eade9} of women did not report premenstrual symptoms anymore.

Epimedium  is recognized for its beneficial properties on the testosterone level and increases the amount of sperm. Increased sexual satisfaction has also been documented.

Rhodiola rosea: balances psychic functions, improves and restores the body’s ability to defend and immune tolerance. Under the effects of stress, it increases serotonin and dopamine levels and helps keep them at a proper level. Reduces the harmful effect of stress on the heart. Increases sexual potency. It is effective in eliminating sexual dysunctions in men.

Lycium chinense: it is a powerful antioxidant, so it slows down the aging process, it has properties to strengthen the vital force of the organism, it supports a healthy immune system, prevents the appearance of cancerous tumors, it  has the property of nutritional enhancement and athletics.

Cortex Cinnamon: stimulates insulin secretion, helping to keep blood sugar levels under control. They increase carbohydrate consumption in striated muscles, increasing exercise capacity. They are all natural antioxidants, reducing the degradation processes and the incidents of diseases that are based on the harmful effect of free radicals. Regulates appetite. Increases the body’s resistance to pathogens.

In a test performed on 750 fertile men and 750 infertile men, in both categories, Aswagandha increased sperm count, quality and motility and also increased serum testosterone, reduce at the same time FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and prolactin level.

In many mammalian tests, it has been shown that Ashwagandha has incresed the size and weight of testicles, including seminiferous tubules where semen is synthesized, increasing sperm production and LH levels responsible for the production of testosterone in Leyding cells.

Ashwagandha affects gonadotropin realeasing hormones (GnRH) and consequently releases LH and FSH to previous pituitary gland by mediating GABA receptor. This is still an indication of the profound synergy we have with plants.

Shatavari draws our attention to the fat that the main action of many of India’s adaptogenic supportive sexuality plants are not directed to gonadal glands, but rather to the glands that govern them, such as supporting LH production by the pituitary gland. In males, LG stimulates mainly testosterone production, while in women it supports the factors necessary for a successful pregnancy.

Indeed, traditionally, Shatavari is considered a plant for women, but it also takes place in many effective formulations to support sexuality in men. It is one of the Vajikarana plants, and, like Ashwagandha, in men increases testosterone levels, sperm counts, the amount of fructose in semen