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How to Get Rid of Cellulite: Fast, Natural and Safely

How to Get Rid of Cellulite: Fast, Natural and Safely

Most women and a small percentage of men have cellulite, usually on legs, buttocks and arms. Cellulitis – or gynoid lipodystrophy, as it is called in medicine – is caused by the alteration of the layer of fat beneath the skin, called subcutaneous fat.

Cellulite can be loud, soft and swollen (in the form of bumps).

Strong cellulite is seen in women who regularly do sports.

Soft cellulite is most often present in inactive women who have recently become weaker.

Edematous cellulitis is present in overweight women.

Why do we have the subcutaneous fat?

Fat tissue beneath the skin has three main functions:

1. Absorbs shocks and dissipates external forces exerted on the skin, protects the muscles and protects the skin.

2. Provides thermal insulation and helps to regulate and maintain the internal temperature of the body. Poor people feel more cold, while overweight people feel uncomfortable in warm areas.

3. Stores surplus energy when food is irregular. The surplus of food leads to fat accumulation. Fat accumulations can release energy in a slow and balanced way, helping us cope with a possible period of famine.

Fat tissue is a component of a complicated energy storage and release system that allows humans to withstand only three meals a day (they are animals, like sheep, who need to feed 80{1673a13ceef47737e768115163571586bf79403c5569b704f96f06a4f29eade9} of the time they wake).

Besides these three functions, subcutaneous fat has a well-defined role in the metabolic, hormonal and healing activities of the body. For example, adipose tissue is an important reservoir of stem cells that plays a role in healing and regenerating tissues. Fat also supports the immune system, protecting us from infections.

Hormones like estrogen and testosterone are created in adipose tissue. Insulin and glucagon regulate the metabolism of fat and energy reserves of the body.

How Does Cellulite Form?

Cellulite appears mainly as a result of changes in the amount and composition of fat in fat cells (adipocytes) and due to changes in connective tissue, septum.

These changes are thought to be caused by changes in blood vessels and blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue and are influenced by genes and hormones and accentuated by sedentary life and obesity.

In the case of cellulite, the sebaceous fibrous collagen walls thicken and become stiff. Rigid seams join together to produce larger and irregularly shaped fatty bubbles.

Think of septures as balloons filled with water. The balloons lose their characteristics of similar size and flexibility, becoming irregular, with thick, thick and inflexible walls.

As a result, the skin feels full of lumps, and when we press on it, it does not return as fast as the skin from another area of ​​the body.

What Causes Cellulite?

Estrogen is the most important hormone involved in cellulite production, and this explains why cellulite is predominantly present in women. Cellulite occurs with puberty and becomes more present during pregnancy.

While obesity contributes to cellulite, by increasing the amount of fat caught in irregularly shaped fat cells, cellulite is structurally and functionally different from obesity.

For obese people, fat cells grow and swell with fat, but the number of cells does not increase. The fibrous septum remains thin and supple and there is no structural change in the skin.

Cellulite is more present in Anglo-Saxon women, and less common in Asian or black women. Women in the Mediterranean area develop cellulite more in the thighs area, while those in the Celtic area in the abdomen area.

Low muscle activity and muscle mass associated with sedentary life aggravate cellulite, affecting the circulation of blood to the heart and circulation within the adipose tissue.

What treatments exist against cellulite? What is their efficiency?

The weakening will reduce the fat in the mentioned compartments and will improve how cellulite is visualized. However, the fibrous walls do not change, they do not disappear.

No effective strategy has been identified to prevent cellulitis or block its progress.

Medical creams and medications dedicated to dipping the thickened fibrous septum have been disappointing, ineffective. Massage will not destroy the fibrous septum.

Several therapies, based on non-invasive laser devices, radio frequency devices and acoustic waves, have been shown to have minor and short-term results. Multiple treatment sessions are needed, making this approach a very expensive one.

Liposuction, using a thin tube to extract fat, can reduce obesity, but it only helps little in the case of cellulite.

Subcizion, a surgical method of using the laser to cut fibrous septa, can be used by those who agree with an incisive, invasive method. But it can be expensive and produces long-term skin scarring.

On the other hand, there are many other causes. Keeping in mind only one of them is a mistake. No woman has cellulite just because she is overweight or because she is living too sedentary. Among the triggering factors, an important role plays the genetic heritage.

The genetic code determines the number of adipocytes (fat cells) and the locations where they are localized. However, the amount of adipocytes is largely due to the type of food received during childhood and adolescence.

Fruit & Vegetables Against Cellulite

Fruit consumption is very important because it provides us with vitamins and minerals. Of all, there are some recommended for cellulite reduction, such as kiwi, grapefruit, pineapple, banana, etc. The amount of carbohydrates the fruit contains is quite high compared to the group of vegetables, which makes them energy foods.

Leeks, celery, onions, tomatoes, carrot, spinach and algae (marine vegetables) also provide little calories and nutrients in the diet. In addition, algae promote the elimination of contaminating and toxic metals in the body. They can be added in any kind of food.

Diuretic plants

Often, following a healthy and balanced diet and combining it with exercise is not enough to fight against the skin in orange peel. Natural treatments also have an important role to play in achieving the goal. Also, diuretic herbal infusions may be used.


It has a high content of minerals, especially silicon. It is not only used for diuretic action, but also for remineralizing action. It is also recommended in cases of capillary fragility.


It has a diuretic effect for its potash salts. It is also known as “Java tea”.

Corn silk

Corn silk is rich in potassium and flavonoids. It has diuretic and depurative qualities

Exercises for buttocks, legs and back

Before you start working on body agility, keep in mind that in order to effectively fight against cellulite you must show a positive attitude before each exercise and take it seriously.

Exercise 1

With a ball of the type used in Pilates, support yourself with your back. Keep your legs bent and slightly distant. He raised his hands to the ceiling and fixed his eyes on the front.

Exercise 2

Using your legs, buttocks, abdominal muscles, and the ball slip, lift your body and hold for a few seconds.

Exercise 3

Return to the original position, keeping your back well attached to the ball.

Exercise 4

Rest for a minute and then slowly lower your body with your buttocks, abdominal muscles and ball. Keep a few seconds.

Exercise 5

Return to the original position and rest for a minute. Repeat 8-10 times. Be careful to maintain a proper and comfortable position.

Other methods to get rid of cellulite

#1. Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is one of the methods you can use to fight cellulite and help reduce stretch marks. There are many ways you can use apple vinegar either by massaging it directly on your skin or by putting 3 teaspoons in half a glass of water and consuming this mixture daily.

#2. Coffee scrub

You have certainly heard of this treatment. You can use coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite. Mix coffee with olive oil and massage your body using this mixture. This simple treatment will exfoliate your skin, leaving it smooth like silk. Many anti-cellulite creams have as their main ingredient caffeine, so this home-grown treatment will also save you expenses.

#3. Give up salt and sugar

One of the best weapons in the fight against cellulite is the attention you need to give to your diet. Both sugar and salt make cellulite more visible. Moreover, sugar remains stored in fat cells and causes them to expand.

#4. Drink plenty of water

Water is an excellent tool in the fight against cellulite. The two gallons of water you should consume daily ensure the elimination of toxins in the body, stimulate circulation and improve lymph drainage. It may seem too large to you, but keep in mind that the benefits of drinking water for your health are countless.

#5. Green tea

Green tea or green tea extract contains an ingredient called theobromine that reaches all layers of the skin and helps to destroy fat. Studies have also shown that green tea prevents cellulite formation and helps disperse existing cellulite. For a quicker result, you can also try supplements with green tea extract.

#6. Sports

Of course, one of the methods that helps you look fabulous and get rid of cellulite is sports. Yoga, fitness, walks … whatever moves your muscles is an excellent choice. Therefore, you can always rely on this known method to get rid of cellulite.

#7. Change of lifestyle

Now you have another reason to give up junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. A disorderly lifestyle = more cellulite. Besides drinking water and tea, which I mentioned earlier, you must remember that smoking affects your skin.

A diet based on vegetables and fruits is a plus in the fight against cellulite and will help you look better and have an excellent health condition. You must include in your diet daily cinnamon, lemon, ginger and rosemary.

#8. Treatments, massages and anti-cellulite creams

Although home-based methods are effective and help you get rid of cellulite, you should not overlook the treatments you can do in salons or spa or creams that you can buy. An anti-cellulite massage will do wonders for your body!

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