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What Rich Supplements is All About

RichSupplements is the one-stop destination for all enthusiasts in the world who are serious about their health. We consume so many toxins in a day that our body doesn’t respond back as it should.

So we created this website to help people in the world who are facing some health problems and looking forward to cure them at their own.

Here you are going to get expert tips.

Tips which are going to help you to decide which supplement is best for your body and what should you choose.

At this blog, we cover the following categories.

#1. Fat Burning Supplement

What are fat burning supplements

You’ve probably heard of fat burners, supplements that make fat melt like an ice cube on a summer day with 40 degrees in the shade. They do nothing but increase the burning intensity of fat cells more efficiently while you’re moving in the gym, in the park or even at home, but that does not mean they can replace a diet or training.

Even if you have a very intense workout, you will not see any results, if you’re eating pizza, chocolate fondant, or other junk foods after you’re done. Supplements can only help you with a well-established diet, this being the most important piece of the puzzle that is the weight loss process.

How do fat burning supplements work

The first place in the top of the most popular nutritional weight loss supplements is l-carnitine. It is a non-essential amino acid that is found especially in foods of animal origin, but also in some plants, such as soy, but in much smaller quantities.  Supplementation with carnitine is based on the supposition that the administration of this substance could accelerate the transport of fats in cells, which leads to faster oxidation and thus a more efficient weight loss and an increase in exercise resistance. It is also supposed that by releasing energy from the lipids, some of the muscle glycogen is saved, which increases the time until the occurrence of muscle fatigue.

The recommended dose is between 2-5 grams per day.  The most “effective” supplements are thermogenic, which are nothing but plant extracts (guarana – caffeine extract, ma huang – ephedrine extract), also called “smart burners”; they increase the temperature in the body, the metabolic rate and the number of calories you burn.  

Increasing the metabolic rate (even with little) means that you will burn more calories in one day even when you rest. Depending on the option of the manufacturers, the thermogenic may also contain picolinate chrome (a mineral that has the effect of stabilizing the glycemic level of the body), green tea and black tea extras and other ingredients.  

However, you should keep in mind that they can come with some negative effects like; insomnia, palpitations, dehydration, demineralization but of course with some long-term effects.

Who should take fat burning supplements

You’ve decided it’s time to work out your diet and workouts and start getting ready for the summer. The hot season is around the corner, the beach is waiting for you, but you have some excess fat. It’s time to do something about it.

Types of people:

Category 1: Here are those who are looking for the fastest and easiest way to lose weight. Diet fads, supplements that promise magical results, starvation regimes;  they will believe anything that promises them to lose fat fast.

Category 2: The second category of people consists of those who think the only way to win is by work and sweating. They will sack the cardio, they’ll be more in the weight room, and they’ll eat a lot of vegetables and weak protein. There are those who think they have to hurt to be effective. They think any “easy way” will not be effective.

Category 3: Finally, those in the last category are a mixture of the categories above and possibly a slightly smarter approach to the situation. Even if they know they are waiting for restrictions on diet and serious work in the room, they are also aware that there are products on the market that will speed up the process and make the process of weight loss a little easier. I hope you are in the third category of people, and this is the one you should be in to use fat burning supplements.

How do you select the best fat burning supplements?

Different fat burners do different things, so the first step is to decide what you want to do yours. In other words, what do you want to achieve using it? Do you want energy? Do you want to suppress appetite? Or you may want to increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories. Whatever you want from a fat burner sure there is one according to your wishes. If you can not find one that incorporates several of the above, you can use several fat burners that work differently.

#2. Nootropic Supplements

What are nootropic supplements

We all want to be smarter, to memorize more and more, to make better and faster decisions. Even though these brain features are defined from intrauterine life to adolescence, there are also ways in which we can improve mental performance in adulthood and prevent their natural diminution due to aging.

This can be achieved through nootropic supplements. Since antiquity, solutions and combinations of food or plants have been seeking to push the human body beyond the natural limits, both physically, for work, hunting, and war, and psychologically, especially for divination. Nowadays, these methods, foods, supplements, and medications are used especially in the student and academic environment, but also in the business, military and sports environment.

How do nootropic supplements work

They help synthesize and increase the number of available neurotransmitters in brain areas that need them. Here we talk both excitement and inhibition, so we have both the ability to increase power and to diminish when we need rest. Also, one category is intended to protect neurons, both external and internal factors.

Like any activity, cerebral activity produced and waste, obviously, in larger quantities, the more intense it is. These wastes become toxic if they are not removed in time. Nootropics and other nervous system supplements are especially useful for those who have already “fried” their neurons with drugs, alcohol, stress, sleepless nights, depressions, drugs, stress, helping to protect, restore or even operate in parameters normal relatives.

Who should take nootropic supplements

If you have had periods during your youth when you have consumed large amounts and alcohol and drugs, those periods may reflect in the present. You may not be able to concentrate anymore as you would have been in your youth, so a simple solution is to use nootropic supplements.

Patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease will be given nootropic supplements to improve brain function.

Patients who have suffered a stroke will be given nootropic supplements to improve brain function and try to bring it as close as possible to the way they were before the accident. Studies have shown that patients can even regain their brain function if they use this type of medicine.

You have tried and tried to get a big grade on an exam but you haven’t had the time to study enough. Nootropic supplements will give you the edge you need in order to focus and concentrate more and will give you the ability to retain as much information as possible. Nootropics combined with the will to study as much as possible maybe your ticket to straight A’s.

How do you select the best nootropic supplements?

This all depends on what are the specific needs of the individual who will take the nootropic supplements.

In terms of choosing the best nootropic supplements, you will have to take into consideration the ingredients: whether it is synthesized in the laboratory or it is made up out of plants and can be referred to as a natural supplement.

Another thing to take into consideration is the amount of each ingredient it consists of. Some come in the form of 400mg and some in the form of 800mg. It is all up to you to decide which one you want.

Doctors are capable of answering every question you have regarding nootropic supplements, but the package of the supplement itself will answer all those questions as well. Will it give me better concentration abilities? It will be written on the package. Will it affect my sleep because it contains caffeine? It will be written on the package.

All of these aspects must be taken into consideration when starting nootropic supplementation.

#3. Testosterone Booster Supplements

What are testosterone booster supplements

Testosterone is the main male hormone. It is mostly secreted by the testicle under the action of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is secreted in turn by the pituitary gland under the influence of another luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) regulator, produced by the hypothalamus.

The regulation of testosterone secretion is mainly through a negative feedback system controlled by estrogen levels (feminine hormones) and by androgen levels. In addition to testosterone in the body, there are other androgenic hormones secreted by the testicle or the adrenal glands, but in much smaller quantities. DHEA is one of them.

Testosterone has two great functions: androgenic and anabolic. Androgenic function refers to the development of secondary sexual features such as male hair, sebum secretion, skeletal development, voice thickening, fat distribution, aggressiveness. Anabolic function refers to the stimulation of protein synthesis, including muscle proteins. In one word, testosterone makes you a man.

Testosterone booster supplements do these exact things: help and support the androgenic and anabolic features, by giving helping your body produce more testosterone.

How do testosterone booster supplements work

There are a lot of testosterone booster supplements out there, so let’s see how some of the work:

Zinc-magnesium-aspartate (ZMA). It is an easily assimilable zinc form. Taken in the evening before bedtime, this supplement provides a restful sleep and a testosterone-enhanced secretion. The combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 makes the final effect much better. If taken together with other calcium supplements or sources, zinc is not absorbed as well, so take ZMA if possible on the empty stomach, and you will not be happy with cheaper zinc or the amounts contained in regular multivitamin / multimineral.

Tribulus and other plants have the ability to increase the secretion of LH and consequently the level of testosterone and DHT in the body. Taken in doses of 1500-2000mg per day can do wonders for those who prefer to stay natural.

Yohimbe-yohimbine, the active substance in the Yohimbe tree bark, has both important fat-burning properties, stimulating circulation in the basin area and increasing natural testosterone secretion. It is included in weight loss formulas.

Who should take testosterone booster supplements

Whether we are talking about a competitive athlete or simply someone who enjoys working out and practicing sports, testosterone booster supplements can help them! By boosting the production of testosterone, stimulation of protein synthesis begins, including muscle proteins. This will help you develop muscle mass and achieve the much desired physical fitness and the body you want!

Testosterone booster supplements are the way to go if you are a competitive athlete. If you are a competitive athlete and your testosterone levels will be tested and be extremely elevated, this will probably be because of the use of steroids. Testosterone boosters raise testosterone levels past natural levels but at the same time will allow you to be in the “natural” category.

How do you select the best testosterone booster supplements?

Based on your needs, here are a few of the best testosterone booster supplements to choose from

Androstenedione is one of many hormone stimulants present on the market. Its chemical variations are Androstenediol, Nor-Androstenediol, and Nor-Androstenedione. These products were originally developed in Germany and were thought to have anabolic effects similar to those of steroids. The main difference between these and the steroids is that the latter are synthetic variants of the male sex hormone. Andro products are precursors to testosterone, which means they are not even testosterone, but they can turn into it through biochemical reactions in the body.

Tribulus Terrestris is a root from Bulgaria that has been used for hundreds of years to increase testosterone. It has often been used as an aphrodisiac and treatment of sexual dysfunction. Tribulus increases the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which in turn increases testosterone production, increases the amount of sperm and libido. The Tribulus extract seems to be very safe and has no side effects.

HGH Stimulators These products claim they can stimulate growth hormone secretion and IGF-1, but also those of testosterone. In fact, they contain compounds like androstenedione and a mixture of amino acids and herbal extracts. There is nothing better than classical hormonal stimulators.

Choose one of the above mentioned and you will be pleased!

#4. Male Enhancement Supplements

What are male enhancement supplements

Erectile dysfunction (DE) is synonymous with impotence. Many of the men with DE are not aware that their problem can hide illnesses such as diabetes or herniated disc, just as their sexual life has come to an end with the onset of this dysfunction. False. Appropriate treatment can be of real use in this regard

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction:     Inability to enter the erection state;    Erection is far too weak to have sexual intercourse;    Erection lasts only a few moments.

Male enhancement supplements are simply supplements with help with the above-mentioned problems.

How do male enhancement supplements work

Worries, negative thoughts and stress hormones are perhaps the most damaging things when it comes to sex. Psychic starts everything. Both low sexual appetite, lack of erection and early ejaculation often have psychological causes.

In addition to working psychologically (with a specialist or on your own), you can use herbal extracts with an adaptogenic effect (Rhodiola) or a complex to reduce cortisone levels: Super Cortisol Support. You can also use Mood Support (if you are depressed), True Calm (if you can not rest because of stress), True Focus (if you are too tired and you can not concentrate), depending on the concrete conditions

Blood vessels. It is important that blood vessels are clean, elastic and dilated properly. Lecithin, Serrazimes or other enzymes, DHA (optimal omega 3 intakes for men) and even Heart Support are useful for cleaning blood vessels. In order for the vessels to swell with blood and stay for as long as possible, Horny Goat Weed can also be used, supplements with nitric oxide (arginine) and Ginkgo biloba

Testosterone, in this situation, has the role of the hormone king. There is a double connection: an increased level of testosterone gives you a good mental state, an increased sexual desire, physical form, sexual potency. Once you have a medical check-up to confirm that you have good health, a specific diet, nutritional supplements, strength training and rest assures you an optimal level of testosterone.

Hydration is very important because blood volume influences the volume of erection. Hydration is done with water, beaten in small quantities throughout the day and avoiding alcoholic beverages, caffeine and diuretics. These supplements work together with an eating and training program and are administered in recommended doses and healthy people. Effects may vary from person to person and even to the same person in different situations

Who should take male enhancement supplements

As you may have figured out, men with erectile dysfunction are the ones who need to use male enhancement supplements. Can men who do not have erectile dysfunction use male enhancement supplements! OF COURSE!

As you can see, male enhancement supplements improve our overall health, not only our sexual health. So anyone can use them as long as they do it according to the package.

How do you select the best male enhancement supplements?

Being a field of interest, the nutritional supplement industry allocates much of the research resources in this field, resulting in nutritional supplements that not only promise and even deliver results. Plant extracts and combinations of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids are thus priceless aids for those who want to improve their sex life.

Before using such supplements, research the list of ingredients, check for standardized extracts, side effects or interactions, which are the optimal dosages and how to administer. Avoid additions or remedies with a lot of advertising, because money instead of going to the real content of the product go to the advertising companies.

Avoid producers with no history and about which you can not find out much and choose products from big companies with decades of experience and high-quality standards. Many of the “phantom” firms can place on the market lots of “contaminated” (intentionally) products with dangerous chemicals.